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There's a bunch of ways, involving gifts, contest and big bucks

When you sign up: Right off the bat, you are a winner of sorts because you each get a wristband at check-in, and drawing tickets. That wristband gets you into two parties, drawings for a lot of free tackle, a commemorative Baja Cantina Cabo Tuna Jackpot bag, a Costa event L/S shirt, a Marina Cabo San Lucas-sponsored event hat, and when you check in you get all that and then you start down the line of sponsors under the tents who hand you Mustad hook packs, Mold Craft lures (one per angler), Costa t-shirts, IGY event hats, official flags, Seaguar fluorocarbon, Frogg Toggs neck coolies, Terrafin color satellite maps and more. Fun stuff.

PRIZES ARE A BIG PART of the event at the three nightly parties. We love to give free stuff away with the help of our sponsors, many of who attend the event because it's a great time in Cabo all the time. Here's some winners in 2015, including Lauren Franco from team 111 who went away with a Mold Craft lure package at the awards dinner.

The Overall Payout. The biggest fish over two days places first and that means you and your teammates are the champions for 2016. Then there is second or third place, and depending on how many teams are in the event, 85 percent of the overall money is given out to first place, 10 percent goes to second place and 5 percent to third. If the boat is chartered, the captains receive a check from WON, 10 percent of the team's winnings.

Optionals: There are six tuna optionals and one dorado/wahoo optional. The amount you pay is good for two days. Example, the $1,000 optional is $500 a day. We take 20 percent off the top. The payout is 80 percent, each day, in each optional, and you win by bringing in the biggest fish in each optional. Look at last year's history for the teams that won. Normally seven to eight teams win money. Last year five teams split the bucks, a record payout. We expect that amount to be over $700,000 this year.

WIN WITH FREE COSTA SHIRTS at check-in, sip some Corona beers, pick up some Mustad hook packs at check-in, make sure you get a 2016 team flag, your coils of Seaguar flouro, and IGY/CTJ hats, Baja Cantina bags and more to be announced. ...there's a lot of ways to win. WON PHOTOS BY GARY GRAHAM

Drawings and contests. Sponsors and WON have a lot of fun contests. Here they are.

-- There is the Yamaha/Kingfisher Guess The Winning Fish Weight Contest. The winner gets a triop for two worth $4,000 to Kingfisher Lodge in Alaska.

-- The Fishworks/Baja Cantina Best Dressed/Logo Contest: team wins free meals at BC in 2018, and a $125 Fishworks Clothing gift certificate for every member of the team.

-- $10,000 Grand Prize Charity Drawing: Four of everything the sponsors have provided (rods, reels, Tesoro certificates, hooks, leader, lures and more.

-- The Seaguar/National Sticker Contest. The Seaguar boys have a cool new tuna sticker for you to put up around town. If the Seaguar boys in town spot it, you win a big fluorocarbon prize package, plus a rental car package from National.

-- Show Us Your Costas! At boat checks before the starts, we see the most creative ...Dave Bultheis of Costa picks the winning team that gets four pairs of sunglasses.

-- Awards dinner Charity Silent Auction. More great deals for you to big on, all donated by sponsors and local Cabo vendors. Bigger than ever, and worth a look. We'll have a credit card machine there on site.

SHOW US YOUR COSTAS! is back as a contest. Innovative ways of displaying Costas or the Costa logo during the two starts at the famed Arch will earn the team a set of sunglasses.

SOMETIMES winning means just having a great time, and what the heck, you might win a drawing, or take the prize at the silent auction for charity.

TEAM GLADIATOR at the scale with their 41.9-pound wahoo that won them $41,800 for the $1,000 Wahoo/Dorado Optional.

$227,500 WAS the winning amount that Maybe Manana won last year for its 198-pound tuna.