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Here's how the teams won their money

A total of $564,000 was doled out to six teams. Here is how they won their money.

Team 29, Team Peligro, caught a 262-pound yellowfin tuna on Day 2 and placed third overall and won $2,420. Their team is made up of Alex Romans of Greenfield, Calif., Paul Anthony of Bradley, Calif., Wyatt Duncan of King City, Calif., and Nic Azoona of King City, Calif. It is hard to believe that a 262-pound yellowfin would finish third, but that shows the quality of the fish that came in.

THE TOP MONEY WINNERS were ,team members and crew of the Estrella Del Norte, which took home all but one of the day 2 tuna optionals for $223,540. In total, 564,000 was won by six teams.

Team 68, Maybe Manana, made up of Brad Stevenson of Glenview, Bob Stevenson of Lake Havasu and William Lewis of Eugene, Oregon caught a 221-pound yellowfin on the first day to win the $10,000 optional for $36,000 and followed that up the next day with a 97.7-pound yellowfin, the last weigh-in of the day that filled that category, In total, they won $72,000.

Team 82, "The Dirty Boys," on the Baja Bait, made of John Silva of Westchester, Calif., and Michael Chad Lynch made 4 -tenths of a pound could for a big payday yesterday, catching a 30.4-pound wahoo to lay claim to both days of the Wahoo/Dorado optional for a total of $79,200.

Team 60 on the Santana, weighed in a 224-pound tuna and win the day 1 $2,000 and $5,000 optionals to lay claim to $92,000. The team is made up of Jesse Santana of Riverside, Calif., Sean Nerenburg of Beaumont, Calif., and Augustino Pino of San Joe Del Cabo, whose team won this event in 1999 14 years ago on the Estrella del Mar.

Team 89 Renegade Mike, made up of Kyle Kramer and Matt Heckler of Spring Valley, Calif., Joe Dicicco of Bellbrook, Ohio, and Capt. Mike Tumbeiro weighed in the first day's biggest fish of 266 pounds to place second overall for $4,890 and won the Day 1 $500, $1,000 and $3,000 optionals for a total of $95,290.

Team 40, North Star, on the Estrella del Norte, made up of James Rosenwald, David Luhitta, Carlos Beltram and Edward Beltram, nearly broke the tournament record for fish and single tournament winnings by bringing to the Gray's Taxidermy scale a 372-pound yellowfin on the second day before a huge crowd. That monster fish Man's 383-pound fish three years ago, earned them all but one of the daily optionals on day two and also took 85 percent of the overall money.