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Costa/Seaguar Fiesta gets the
post-fishing festivities into high gear

Costa Bingo mixes money, charity and a little tequila to highlight the post fishing party in front of the Wyndham

WON Staff Writer

For some, the real "I came here to party, people" people it's a pre-party, a fishing-is-over, let's-tie-one-on night that wraps up two hard days of fishing and trying to get a slice of the over half a million dollars on the table.

DRINKS? CHECK. Bingo cards for Costa Bingo? Check. Post tequila shooters picture? Check.

For others it's a wind-down, a have a drink or two and enjoy this incredible food put out by what must be the best restaurant in the marina in that of Solomon's Landing. And for others -- three to be exact -- it's I-can't-believe-we-just-won $233,540 bites of steak and tuna and mashed potatoes, each chew serving as a reminder that this really was the fishing day of all day.

The joint-sponsored Costa/Seaguar Fiesta got ramped up this year with Costa Bingo. Sounds tame, it's "Bingo." But this is Mexico, so there has to be tequila involved. So in order to get the dollar count up for the Costa Bingo, in which proceeds would benefit local kids' charity, Costa's Dave Bulthuis had all participants get one Costa Bingo card, but additional ones could be purchased for $10. And the tequila part? A shot of tequila came with each card bought.

AN OHIO CONTINGENT spread across several teams, including past winners Buckeye Tuna, posted up for a pre-party.

To kick off the fiesta, Tournament Director Pat McDonell gave a quick rundown of the event that had just ended a little over an hour earlier. As incredible as it is, the entire weigh area -- blood, fish slime and a little bit of cerveza on the sidewalk -- was now clean as a whistle, with tables and tablecloths set up to go along with an incredible spread put out by Solomon's.

Good food, drinks from the Wyndham's bar and a cool breeze helped everyone de­compress after two days that brought with them what McDonell would refer to as "The best ever!"

McDonell got his props from WON Sales and Marketing Director Chuck Buhagiar and Costa's Bulthius, who gave the unique instructions as to how this Costa Bingo would work: "Don't yell BINGO, yell COSTA!"

PRE-PARTY FESTIVITIES: the picture says it all.

And out came the numbers: 25, 1, 13, 28, 16. "BINGO!" "BINGO!" "COSTA!"

Ladies love their bingo, and it was a three-way win for Roxanne Barrett, Melinda Webber and Jasmine Haynes.

Before and after were great raffles, with Rick Bradley being one of the many winners, scoring an Avet Pro EX 50. In between was naming Team Trauma the best dressed, thanks to the ladies dressing up like nurses. But in the end, after the great food and drinks and laughs and getting buzzed off bingo, John Solberg found out that he was the winner of the big prize of the night, a trip to Kingfisher Lodge in Sitka, Alaska.

You never know what's going to happen in Cabo.

SOLOMON'S LANDING RESTAURANT OWNER Brian Solomon, second from right, and staff kicked out an incredible dinner spread.

A TRIP TO KINGFISHER Lodge made John Solberg the big winner at the fiesta. WON's Chuck Buhagiar handed him the prize.

THE LEADERBOARD from day two showed off the incredible grade of the second day's yellowfin over the 200-pound mark.

MUSICA GOT THE FIESTA rolling, with the sounds of Cabo getting everyone in the party mood.

BINGO in the form of Costa Tequila Bingo, far left, had Jonathan Roldan pouring shots for those buying the cards that benefitted children's charity. Costa Bingo winners Roxanne Barrett, Melinda Webber, Jasmine Haynes.

BIG WINNERS made up the fiesta, with Costa's Dave Bulthuis giving Becky Solee her chunk of the Costa 50/50 raffle.

BEST DRESSED went to Team Trauma with their nurse costumes being the biggest hits in the costume category.