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Order a 2008 Jackpot highlights DVD
as well as a 10-year anniversary video

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LUIS DUHART videotapes at one of the parties.

Duhart Productions filmed all four days in Cabo this year , and took hundreds of still photos of teams. Cabo-based videographer Luis Duhart has two videos for sale. One is the 10th anniversary video, which was shown at the check-in party this year, and the other is a recap of the 2008 event that is now completed.

"This is the best video done yet of the 10 year tourney," said tourney director Pat McDonell. "If you want the real feel of the event's fun and excitement, order the video. If you competed this year, it would be nearly impossible to NOT see yourself in either the video footage or still photos."

Cost for each video, is $20.

"There's 45 minutes of great photos and video from the helicopter the first day of the shotgun start and we also have the weigh-ins with interviews, and the great parties all four nights," said Duhart, of Duhart productions in San Jose Del Cabo.

LUIS DUHART'S new video now available captures the fun an excitement of the 2008 tourney, and the 10th anniversary video highlights the nine previous years of the tourney with video and hundreds of photos.

You can e-mail Luis at for details on getting the video. Next year he again be selling team photos at the event next year at his booth all four days, as well as contracting out with teams for raw video footage from the helicopter or start boat Oceanus.