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Avet Reels and custom Seeker rods proved
to be crowd favorites at Tuna Jackpot

WON Staff Writer

CABO SAN LUCAS -- Seeker rods and Avet reels proved to be major players in the 10th annual Tuna Jackpot. Seeker was in its first year as the official rod sponsor, and Avet was in it's third year s the official reel sponsor.

SEEKER: This California-based rod icon came in with 24 custom-wrapped Tuna Jackpot 6470 30- to 50-pound class rods that were big-ticket items in the nightly drawings. They were numbered one through 24 in the limited series just for Cabo, and they had the Tuna Jackpot logo integrated into the design.


Besides the great looks, these are high performance rods, taking the best materials and technology and combining them with the best rod workmanship in the world at the Seeker plant in Long Beach.

These rods are unique in several ways. Neither the glass nor the graphite is like that used by any other company. The 120 carbon fiber and "S" glass used with Seeker's EH04 Epoxy Resin System is what makes the Super Seekers unique. It's a complicated "recipe" that goes into the materials, but basically what it boils down to is that by incorporating carbon fiber transitioning into an "S" glass tip, the rods get an incredible amount of recoil and three times the compression strength as traditional "E" glass blanks.

Each of the 24 rods feature custom colors that have never come out of the Seeker building before. They are triple wrapped, like all of Seeker's completed rods, but the company's "traditional" colors aren't found on the Tuna Jackpot series rods. Forest green and black triple wrapping with gold and burgundy inlays make for some incredible looking rods when the American Tackle Company Titan guided are wrapped onto the Super Seeker's brown and tangerine finish.

CINDY BOYER, one of the Eat Me Girls, gets ready to send out another $1,000 Avet reel/ Seeker rod combo in one of dozens of free drawings over the four nights. In all, 24 customer Super Seeker and four 8-foot casting rods were given out, while Avet doled out 18 Avet reels, most of them 2-speed models. Four of the reels were the MC anti-backlash reels that went to the four finalists in the casting contest.

The 6470 is one of the company's most popular rods, and they were a HUGE hit with Tuna Jackpot competitors. In addition to the 24 Super Seeker custom rods, Seeker provided four 8-foot Black Steel casting rods for each Casting Contest finalist in Cabo.


Avet provided an array of 14 two and one-speed reels and threw in four of the high prized new MC reels for the casting contest.

In previous years were picking out bird's nests for anglers, with some the casting contest folks having had a few beers beforehand, but this year there were very few. The reels given out in the four nightly drawings were the Avet SX, MX, JX or LX in either single or two-speed models.

The SX model, or "mini Avet" is a great option when the fish are being finicky and require a real "finesse" touch. Weighing in at under 15 ounces, these little powerhouse reels are light enough to fish all day, yet strong enough (9 pounds of drag on strike) to handle the biggest seabass at the island.

Long casts and a true free spool is what this "mini" reel specializes in. Load up a couple hundred yards of 20-pound mono and you are good to go. Considering the size of some of the fish caught this season, you may wish to upsize to 25- or 30-pound on the MX L or MX J (narrow). Weighing in at around 18 ounces, the MX series is also available as either a two-speed or single speed reel. These reels are capable of up to 16 pounds of drag, enough stopping power to get the big boys away from the kelp.

If a 40- or 50-pound outfit is your choice for fishing the iron in the deep-water squid grounds or in tight to the kelp, try the JX (narrow) or LX.

In addition, Avet also donated a $5,200 trip for one to Panama aboard the company's new mothership, the Coral Star. The winner of that drawing on Saturday night was Werner Leunberger of British Columbia. He'll be fishing for the world's biggest gamefish off Cobia Island and on the Hannibal Bank aboard new diesel gamefishers while spending the week aboard the newly refurbished Coral Star.

WON wishes to thank these two great rod and reel sponsors for their involvement in the event.